Hurricane Dorian Back Up To Cat 3, Moves Closer To Carolina Coast

Hurricane Dorian began flexing her muscle overnight – and is once again, a category three hurricane. That is certainly unwelcome news for the Carolinas, who are expecting to begin feeling her wrath today. How close she gets is unclear, but the wind, and more importantly, the rain is expected to pack a powerful punch – perhaps even making landfall.

Meanwhile, the death toll from Dorian is rising in the Bahamas. The country's health minister Duane Sands has confirmed that at least 20 people are dead. That number is expected to rise as crews work through the widespread destruction left behind on the islands, with homes and buildings completely demolished.

"We've had an absolute horrendous tragedy, numbers of lives lost,” says Sands. “And we have not completed the door-to-door.”

As the recovery efforts continue, the Walt Disney Company is donating more than a million-dollars to help the hurricane relief efforts. The company says its efforts will go toward helping nonprofits that will be providing supplies and rebuilding efforts. They’re not alone – Carnival and Royal Caribbean are getting involved, too. As for those wondering why major cruise lines haven’t deployed ships to assist as yet, apparently, the ports are not large enough. On top of that, the seas simply aren’t safe enough as yet.

Sacramento King Guard Buddy Hield – who hails from the Bahamas – has launched a GoFundMe campaign to help those affected by Hurricane Dorian in the nation. Kicking things off with a 100-thousand dollar donation of his own, Hield hopes to raise at least $1-million. Hield says all the money raised will be used to purchase basic necessities including food, clothing and toiletries. To find out more, CLICK HERE.

Source: NBC News