Federal Investigators Confident They Will Have Answers In CA Boat Fire

As the investigation into Monday’s horrific boat tragedy off the California coast deepens, officials say they are 100-percent confident they'll figure out why a the diving ship Conception caught fire, killing dozens of people.

Speaking to reporters in Santa Barbara, National Transportation Safety Board Member Jennifer Homendy says they currently have 16 investigators on site. The NTSB plans to interview surviving crewmembers, the companies that were involved in the boat charter and the first responders. Homendy says a preliminary report might be available as soon as next week.

What’s already being revealed? That the victims were literally trapped – and had no chance for escape. As you might recall, the initial mayday call had the Coast Guard asking the crew, who had abandoned ship if they could get back on board “to unlock” the door to let the divers out. Apparently, both the entrance to the sleeping quarters AND the escape hatch were blocked by the blaze.

Source: Los Angeles Times