Texas Shooter Had Just Been Fired, Called Law Enforcement Before Rampage

Law enforcement is releasing a possible motive in a West Texas shooting spree, which left seven dead and more than 20 injured over the weekend – Odessa police say the suspect had been fired from his job just hours before opening fire on multiple people while driving on an interstate. Apparently, as soon as he was let go, the boss call police...and so did the shooter himself.

The man – later identified as 36-year-ol Seth Aaron Ator - is also accused of hijacking a USPS mail van and killed the carrier. As he drove down the road firing indiscriminately, the shooter ultimately died during a shootout with police outside a movie theater. It is not known how he obtained the rifle used in the shooting, federal and state agencies were “aggressively investigating” how he acquired it.

President Trump is responding to the incident saying he's still having conversations with Congress about measures to stem gun violence. Saying that stricter background checks wouldn't have stopped mass shootings over the past several years, the President went on to say that a lot of people are still talking about gun violence and "that's irrespective of what happened yesterday in Texas." Trump again stated that he believes gun violence is a mental health issue.

Source: USA Today

Photo Credit: Getty Images