Dorian Expected To Make Landfall As Category 4 Hurricane

While everyone jokes about how wrong forecasters are…we’re all hoping they are this time – as Hurricane Dorian is now predicted to slam into Florida as a possible Category 4 hurricane Monday morning. With maximum sustained winds possibly more than 130 miles-per-hour, a state of emergency has been declared for the state – and everyone appears to be taking heed.

Governor Ron DeSantis is urging residents to have a plan in place once the hurricane comes ashore. He says that amounts to at least seven days worth of food, water and medicine on hand. Now, it’s still unclear where Dorian will make landfall, but Georgia Governor Brian Kemp isn’t taking chances either – and directing residents along its coastline should be prepared as well…for high winds and heavy rainfall.

Meanwhile, President Trump is taking the threat seriously as well – even cancelling a planned trip to Poland so he can monitor the storm more closely. Trump also says the federal government is providing resources before Hurricane Dorian hits Florida. In a video statement from the White House, Trump says Dorian is expected to be an "absolute monster" by the time it makes landfall. The President noted that the winds are building at a "tremendous rate" and that all indications show it's going to hit Florida hard. Trump said the federal government is ready, shipping food and water to areas that will be affected.

Source: ABC News