Bonus Segment: Real Estate Agents Posts Picture Of Him Having Sex

Being a Real Estate agent is not easy. There is a ton of competition in the marketplace. There’s definitely one way to stand out among your real estate competitors and a realtor from Nashville seems to have found it.

Miguel Calvo listed a Nashville home for $399,000 on his companies website and attached 30 pictures of the property, includes images of the kitchen, the pool, and four bedrooms. However, there was one picture he included that was a bit shocking to those that happen to be checking out the home.

It seems Calvo accidentally uploaded a picture of himself having sex with a woman inside a bedroom in a home. It's not clear if the room was inside the house he just listed. He had taken the picture of himself a mirror, and it appeared to show the realtor standing beside a bed as he received oral sex.

The picture has been removed but no word on if Calvo is still the listing agent on the property.

Source: Scoop Nashville

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