Alleged Victims Of Jeffrey Epstein Get Rare Chance To Testify

Convicted – and now dead – pedophile Jeffrey Epstein may be dead, but his alleged victims are still getting their day in court. Sort of. The women were given a unique opportunity to be heard. Of the dozen women to testify, one described how the financier and accused sex trafficker first raped her.

Chauntae Davies said on her third day working for Epstein as a masseuse they took her to a private island – where she said he grabbed her, held her down and began raping her. Davies said when she begged him to stop, it only seemed to excite him more.

Lawyers for some of the alleged victims say they are eager to ask questions to some of the high-profile people who were friends with Epstein – including Britain’s Prince Andrew. Attorneys say that if these men want to help the victims, they are invited to come to New York and answer questions.

Yesterday’s testimony wasn’t the only win for the women – the court agreed to leave the case open so that if other victims who could not attend today's hearing want to make a statement they will be able to do so.

Source: The Guardian

Photo Credit: Getty Images