States Support Challenge To Trump Deportation Rule

Nearly 20 states are backing a decision to freeze out the Trump administration's new rule that giving it more authority to quickly deport illegal immigrants. The group of 18 attorneys general says in a court filing that they support a preliminary injunction that blocks the rule from going into effect while it's being challenged in court.

The new Trump administration rule gives immigration authorities the ability to quickly deport any illegal immigrant who can't prove they've been in the U.S. for two continuous years. The group says hundreds of thousands of people in their states face serious consequences if the Trump administration proceeds.

Meanwhile, a federal judge is granting an emergency order to allow immigration officials to force feed a detainee. The judge in San Diego will let immigration and Customs Enforcement force feed Evgenii Ivanof [[yev-GENN-ee IVAN-off]]. They say the Russian national has been refusing food for over two weeks and they fear for his health. The court papers do not say why Ivanof has been refiling food or medical treatments.

Source: NBC News