Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning

Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning

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Taylor Swift Has “Plan” To Re-Record Her Masters

Taylor Swift is very unhappy that Scooter Braun now owns her master recordings, but it seems she has a plan to eventually get even.

In a preview of a "CBS Sunday Morning" interview, Taylor is asked whether she has would re-record her old songs so she’ll be back in control of her early albums, she confirmed it. “That’s a plan?” journalist Tracy Smith asks to which Swift says, “Yeah, absolutely.”

Also in the interview Taylor insists she found out about the deal between Scooter and her former label Big Machine Label Group “when it was online," although BMLG has always denied that was the case.

Taylor’s “CBS Sunday Morning” interview airs this Sunday.

But it turns out that it may not be as easy as Taylor thinks. According to TMZ, most labels have a re-record clause in their contracts, and it isn't known when Taylor's may expire, so she may have to wait before she can re-record. Plus, they also have something called an original production clause, which means she can't totally copy her original versions. And even re-recording her masters may not affect Braun's bottom line, since when Prince did it, it made his originals even more valuable.

It seems Taylor has had a change of heart about one of the lyrics in her single "ME!" Pop Crave reports the singer has removed the lyric "Hey kids spelling is fun!" from the Apple Music version of the song. So far, Taylor hasn't explained her decision .

And...Taylor is performing in Central Park for "Good Morning America" this morning, and many fans camped out yesterday to make sure they got a good spot. Well, according to posts on Twitter, Taylor and her team made sure they didn't go hungry, delivering pizzas to the loyal fans. Taylor's father also apparently stopped by, handing out picks to some fans.

Source: ESPN

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