DHS Secretary Announces Changes to Migrant Detention Policies

The Trump Administration is planning to hold migrant families in detention for the entire duration of their immigration proceedings. Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan [[MAC-a-LEE-nen]] says the current standards incentivize illegal entry, which has "caused and fueled" the family crisis at our southern border

The Supreme Court ruling known as the Flores Agreement currently limits the time families can be detained to 20 days. McAleenan says the new rule would allow families to be detained together for longer and high standards will be implemented for the care of families in custody.

According to McAleenan, detention facilities will be enhanced to become more like campuses, complete with three hot meals a day, recreational grounds, schools and medical care. The new rule will not take effect for another 60 days and officials expect the rule to be challenged in court.

Source: DHS