Peter Fonda, Dead At 79

Famed actor, director and 60s counterculture icon Peter Fonda has passed away at 79. According to Variety, Fonda died of respiratory failure at his home in Los Angeles, California on Friday after a long battle with lung cancer.

Peter was one of a few famed siblings taking Hollywood by storm in the footsteps of their father, Henry Fonda. Known for his many roles as a biker, including 1969’s “Easy Rider,” he’s also known as an icon of the 60s counterculture movement, enough to inspire a lyric in The Beatles’ 1966 song “She Said She Said.”

Peter’s older sister, Jane Fonda, is one of many mourning his passing. “I am very sad, he was my sweet-hearted baby brother,” she says in a statement to Page Six. “The talker of the family. I have had beautiful alone time with him these last days, he went out laughing.”

Source: Variety