Florida Home Is Taken Over By Vultures

One Florida vacation home is nearly uninhabitable after being overtaken by dozens of black vultures.

A New York couple, the Casimano’s, is sharing that the vultures have taken up residence at their 700-thousand dollar West Palm Beach house, vomiting and pooping all over the property. According the couple, the birds have destroyed the pool and screen enclosures making the home smell "like a thousand rotting corpses."

Neighbor Cheryl Katz says many of the vultures became trapped in her pool enclosure, violently tearing each other apart when they could not find a way out. Experts say the unique vultures throw up as a form of self-defense to scare away predators. Most property owners have very few options when their place is taken over by the federally protected birds.

Several neighborhood families blame one homeowner for the vulture problem because the woman feeds the birds chicken and dog food on a continuous basis; something she’s been warned about.

Source: News 7 Miami