Trump Talks Guns And “Greatness” At NH Rally

President Trump says his administration has succeeded in making America great again. Hosting a campaign rally in New Hampshire last night, Trump also unveiled a new campaign hat that reads, "Keep America Great." Taking some expected pot shots at his Democratic rivals, he also talked business – namely the economy, and gun control.

Making his pitch to keep his job, Trump maintained that he must be re-elected to preserve a strong economy in the U.S. Trump warned that 401Ks will "go down the tubes" if he loses next year. "Whether you love me or hate me,” he added. “You gotta vote for me." Trump portrayed Democrats as radicals who want to tear the country apart and said Dems like to "rage and resist."

As for the topic of guns, Trump says the government is working hard to keep guns "out of the hands of insane people." Focusing on mental illness after the recent deadly mass shootings in Texas, Ohio and Northern California, he said – "It's not the gun that pulls the trigger, it's the person holding the gun." He’s also noted that he supports a "meaningful" expansion of background checks.

Source: C-SPAN