Major Shakeup At Jail Where Epstein Died

The federal prison in Manhattan where Jeffrey Epstein appears to have committed suicide continues to get scrutinized. According to sources, Epstein was left alone for at least three hours and the two people assigned to guard him falsified records regarding the “every 30 minute” checks that were supposed to be happening.

As the investigation continues, the warden is being reassigned. The Justice Department announced Attorney General William Barr made the decision to move Metropolitan Correctional Center warden Lamine N’Diaye to the Bureau's Northeast Regional Office pending the outcome of two investigations. The two staffers involved have also been placed on administrative leave until the investigations conclude.

And what about the conspiracy theories? They’re still blazing across the Internet, and President Trump is defending his re-tweet of at one of the theories involving former President Bill Clinton. Pressed by reporters Trump called it a re-tweet from a "very respected" conservative pundit and argued that it "was fine."

But that’s not all. Trump mused about whether Clinton ever visited Epstein's private island and said the former President flew on Epstein's jet “many times.”

Source: NBC News

Photo Credit: Getty Images