R Kelly Facing New Charges In Minneapolis

Just when you think things can’t get any worse for R. Kelly, they can. He's now picked up two counts of prostitution with a person under 18 in Minneapolis. The allegation is in regards to a 2001 alleged incident during a tour stop.

Essentially, Kelly is accused of paying the young woman to dance naked and while he's accused of some "sexual contact," no actual intercourse is said to have occurred. This is in addition to the 18 counts of serious sexual misconduct and other chargers brought against him in Chicago and New York last month.

According to Hennepin County State’s Attorney Mike Freeman, the victim’s brother corroborated her account in court paper, noting that she told him about the incident at the time. Kelly's attorney Steve Greenberg has responded via tweet. “Give me a break,” he writes. “This is beyond absurd.” Maybe so, but Kelly's still sitting in a cell after being denied bail on racketeering and sexual abuse charges in New York last Friday.

Speaking at a press conference, Freeman calls Kelly’s use of fame to prey on underage girls “despicable.” “We wanted to make sure that our victim here in Minneapolis also receives a measure of justice," he noted. "We fully expect that at some future date, Mr. Kelly will have to account for his actions in Hennepin County.”

Source: Variety