As El Paso Death Toll Rises To 22, Psychologist Talks About PTSD

Hospital officials in El Paso say the death toll following Saturday's mass shooting is now at 22. Del Sol Trauma CEO David Shimp says one patient at the hospital remains in critical condition while five others are in stable condition.

In addition, two have since been released and one was transported to another hospital. The patients range in age from 35 to 82. Medical Director Dr. Stephen Flaherty said the wounds have been devastating and major. Dr. Flaherty explained one of the patients who died had major abdominal injuries affecting the liver, kidney and intestines.

But what to do with the aftermath? Psychologists say those who were hurt or killed during the shootings aren't the only victims. Dr. Amy Barnhorst of UC Davis says anyone who survives that kind of traumatic incident will potentially develop signs of PTSD. That means nightmares and flashbacks to the event…and fear in everyday situations.

Source: ABC News