Trump Takes Aim At Democratic Party During Rally

President Trump is taking aim at the Democratic Party. During a rally in Cincinnati last night, Trump decreed that "rage-filled" Democrats are “trying to tear the U.S. apart.” He also argued that Democrats have a record of "neglect, corruption and decay" in many cities that they govern.

Meantime, Trump again accused Dems of supporting open borders. In fact, Trump said that Mexico has done more to curb illegal immigration than Democrats have. Trump insisted that Democrats put foreign citizens ahead of American citizens.

Beyond that, Trump continued his assault on the city of Baltimore, saying crime rates are worse than in some Central and South American countries. But that’s not all, Trump took a shot at Los Angeles and San Francisco for their sanctuary city policies. And along the way? Trump noted that Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi resides in San Francisco and is a native of Baltimore.

Trump’s rally wasn’t free from detractors, however. Some protesters interrupted the rally…but were shouted down by Trump supporters.

Speaking of Trump supporters, a New York City art gallery owner says he was attacked for wearing a red "Make America Great Again" hat. Jahangir Turan told police it happened Tuesday night. Turan says a girl flipped off his hat, and that he was pushed from behind seconds later, striking his face on a metal pole. Turan, who sported a black eye and clearly swollen face at his press conference, says he bought the hat at Trump Tower but plans to keep it at home because wearing the hat is dangerous in New York. He also says he is surprised no arrests had been made.

Source: C-SPAN