Barry Manilow: Never Been A Diva

"Barry Manilow, back on Broadway at the Lunt-Fontanne for a few weeks, came onstage at Tuesday’s opening night and cracked: “You weren’t expecting Faye Dunaway, were you?”

Big laughs from a crowd who knew the star had been fired days before from her Broadway-bound show for being an out-of-control diva.

You’ll never hear that said about Manilow.

He’s been an international superstar for more than 40 years and yet everyone who meets him says the same thing: Manilow is a mensch. Friends say that even now, famous and wealthy at 76, he’s still the same Barry who accompanied them on piano at auditions and who made a living scratching out jingles such a“You Deserve a Break Today” for McDonald’s.

True, there are private planes, adoring fans and a very nice spread in Palm Springs, Calif., but you never hear of Manilow pulling a Faye Dunaway"

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