Mario Lopez Apologizes For Comments About Parenting Trans Kids

Mario Lopez is apologizing for comments he made recently in an interview with conservative commentator Candace Owens. Lopez, who is set to take the reins as co-host on "Access Hollywood" in September appeared on Owens' show in June. It was during that appearance, that the subject of parenting transgender children came up.

Owens remarked about “this new trend where celebrities are coming out … and saying that their child is picking their gender.” Lopez said parents should wait until the child’s “formative years” to have such discussions, and appeared to suggest that it was “dangerous” for parents to be supportive of a child’s transition. “I know other parents who have certain parenting styles that I necessarily don’t agree with," he noted. "But I do know they’re good people and they’re coming from a good place.”

Now Lopez is seeing things differently. “The comments I made were ignorant and insensitive, and I now have a deeper understanding of how hurtful they were,” he says in a written statement to "People" magazine. “I have been and always will be an ardent supporter of the LGBTQ community, and I am going to use this opportunity to better educate myself. Moving forward I will be more informed and thoughtful.” Lopez was reportedly going to make a similar statement during yesterday's edition of "Extra," but did not appear.

Source: People

Photo Credit: Getty Images