Bonus Segment: The Secret To A Long Life – 12-20 Glasses Of Beer Per Day?

Every month or so, you come across a story about someone who’s lived way longer than even they thought they would. Inevitably, that story hits on what the birthday boy or girl attributes their long-ass existence to. This story’s no different, but the answer will leave you in awe.

Robertine is a Belgian woman, and she recently celebrated her 97th year on this planet. Her routine of heading to her local bar and having a drink…or 12…has been the secret to her success. For over 18 years, she’s been spending six-nights-a-week drinking it up at the pub…and it’s only six because the place is closed on Wednesdays.f

It’s not like she’s whipping back a hot tea or ginger ale, either. Each bar visit consists of her facing off between 12 and 20 glasses of beer. Granted, we don’t know what size those glasses are, but it still ain’t too shabby. Sometimes, when she’s feeling extra saucy, she’ll hit it a tad harder and drink 22. Others at the bar say she handles her alcohol well, and never causes a problem. Plus, in the last four years, she’s only been sick twice, so – at the age of 97 – her doc says if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it.

Source: RTL

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