Taylor Swift Drops New Song “The Archer”

Taylor Swift has shared some more new music with fans. Following an Instagram Live session yesterday the singer debuted the tune “The Archer,” the fifth track on her upcoming album “Lover,” which drops August 23rd.

Taylor wrote "The Archer" with Jack Antonoff, and she said she decided to share it because it’s simply one she loves off the album. She also acknowledged that, as is customary with her albums, track five is her most vulnerable and personal song on the record.

Taylor also shared some deets on the deluxe editions of “Lover,” which will be available at Target, and on her official website. These copies will be pretty personal for Taylor, since they will include 120 pages from personal diaries she’s kept since she was 13. It will also include empty pages for fans to fill up themselves. Check out “The Archer” to the right.

Source: Taylor Swift