Bonus Segment: Mix-Up Leads To Toddler Getting 'Happy Birthday Loser' Cake

A Missouri mother couldn't help but laugh when she saw the birthday cake she had just bought for her two-year-old daughter. Melin Jones says that she was rushing around and didn't check the cake when she picked it up from the store. As she was unloading her car, she realized that it said "Happy Birthday Loser." Jones had asked for the decorator to write "Happy Birthday Lizard," which is her daughter Liz's nickname.

"I was a little shocked, but after a few seconds, I couldn't stop laughing,"Jones told PEOPLE. "I had no clue they got it wrong. I was in a hurry, and it seemed like a simple enough request. I wasn't really expecting anything to be wrong with it."

When Jones got inside and unloaded her car, she snapped a photo of Liz staring sadly at the cake andshared it on Facebook. Jones pointed out that Liz doesn't know how to read and that they never told her what the cake said.

"Edit to add and I can't believe I actually have to say this but my child can not read and we didn't tell her what it said EVEN if we did tell her that the cake said loser she doesn't know what a loser is . So chill. Laugh, it's funny."

Jones and her husband ate the "Loser" cake and then she went back to get a new one. She didn't mention the mistake because she didn't want the employee who made it to get in trouble.

“[My husband and I] proudly ate that ‘loser’ cake, then [I] marched right back to Walmart a few hours later and got another one,” Melin says. “I didn’t mention the misunderstanding because I didn’t want the worker to get in any trouble, so I just picked out a new cake and asked for ‘Happy Birthday Elizabeth’ on it.”

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