DOJ Warns Mueller About Testimony

The Justice Department is warning Special Counsel Robert Mueller to stay within the bounds of his report when testifying in the House tomorrow. A letter to Mueller from the DOJ says that he should decline to answer privileged matters such as investigative steps or decision-making.

It also notes that he should not testify about any redacted portions of the report. Meanwhile, Mueller's spokesman says he doesn't plan to stray from his conclusions in the report.

That report outlined Russia's effort to meddle in the 2016 election. It also detailed possible instances of obstruction of justice by President Trump, but didn't make any decision about prosecuting those potential violations.

Not surprisingly, President Trump is already speaking out via Twitter. “Highly conflicted Robert Mueller should not be given another bite at the apple,” says Trump. “In the end it will be bad for him and the phony Democrats in Congress who have done nothing but waste time on this ridiculous Witch Hunt.”

Source: Politico