Bonus Segment: Alien Abduction Insurance From Florida Company

A Florida insurance agency is now offering alien abduction insurance!

The man behind this is Mike St. Lawrence who owns the St. Lawrence Agency located in Altamonte Springs, FL.

“I went and I looked at my homeowner’s insurance policy to see if I was covered for a risk like this and I was not,” said St. Lawrence.

He has sold close to 6,000 policies so far since 1987 and they cost $19.95. For $24.95, they can get a certificate that St. Lawrence says is suitable for framing.

“I take a very opened mind approach to this, whether it’s happening or not. But if you get one of our policies, show you have a sense of humor about it,” said St. Lawrence.

How do you put claim in? Is it the same as a the usual insurance claim?

“Same way, you have to be able to prove it and I have had a couple exceptions where they didn’t get a signature,” said St. Lawrence.

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