MA Judge Throws Out Criminal Case Against Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey has one less legal case to worry about now. The District Attorney in Nantucket, Massachusetts announced that the sexual assault case against him brought by William Little has been thrown out.

As we told you before, Little took the stand during a July 8th court hearing and invoked his Fifth Amendment rights (against self-incrimination) when asked if he or anyone else had deleted messages from a cellphone that contained key evidence. He was supposed to turn it over to the defense, but said it was missing. When he found out that destroying evidence was a felony, he pleaded the Fifth.

The judge struck Little’s testimony and told him that the case couldn’t go forward if he continued to invoke his Fifth Amendment right - the official reason being given as "the unavailability of the complaining witness." After consulting with his lawyer, he decided to stick with it. That’s when the Commonwealth decided to dismiss the charges.

This case aside, it's not as though Spacey is out of the woods legally speaking. At least 20 people have made accusations against him in England - six of those cases remain under investigation by Scotland Yard. Another criminal case is being pursued in Los Angeles.

Source: WCVB

Photo Credit: Getty Images