9-11 Victim Compensation Fund Passage Hits Speed Bump

It looked like everyone was for it, but Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has blocked what was expected to be quick passage of a bill extending funding for the 9-11 Victim Compensation Fund. The measure extends funding for the 9-11 fund for decades. It recently cleared the House overwhelmingly.

New York Democrat (and presidential candidate) Kirsten Gillibrand called for passage through a so-called "unanimous consent" vote, but Paul objected. The Kentucky Republican argued that new spending needs to be fully debated. This, after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had appeared very motivated to get the thing passed.

Someone not taking the development sitting back? Comedian/activist Jon Stewart, who you’ll recall gave emotional testimony last month in an effort to get lawmakers to support the bill. After the development, Stewart went after Paul during an appearance on Fox News. He noted that Paul supported the one-point-five-trillion dollar tax GOP tax cut “but now has the audacity” to make an issue of the sacrifice of the 9/11 first responder community.

The plan had been for the Senate to pass the measure before leaving for summer recess on August 2nd, but it's not clear when the vote will happen.

Source: The Hill