Instagrammer Gamer Girl Selling Her Own Used Bathwater

You may not know who Belle Delphine is, but her 3.8-million followers on Instagram are well aware. This cute little vixen has made a nice little niche for herself getting the blood flowing in the nether regions of those guys and girls in the gaming and Cosplay circuit.

At one point she even announced that she would start a channel on PornHub if one of her pics got a million “likes.” When it did, she made good on her word, but instead of showing her skill with two male appendages – as she’d teased – the video showed her petting to cockerels…otherwise known as young roosters. You get the vibe here, right?

Now, Belle’s come up with a new way to make money off her horde…and it’s brilliant if it works. Her fans can go to and purchase a freshly brewed container of GamerGirl Bathwater. Yes, it’s the water she used when she took a bath in it…that’s all…and it’s only $30 (plus shipping and handling at $4.50). In the interest of safety, she’s also careful to add this disclaimer, “This water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes.” We’re so glad that got cleared up. << see audio to right >>

Source: LAD Bible