Gloria Vanderbilt Leaves Most Of Estate To Anderson Cooper

Some of the terms of late heiress and fashion icon Gloria Vanderbilt’s will have been revealed. As we previously reported, Vanderbilt passed away from stomach cancer earlier this month.

Page Six got a hold of documents that reveal her youngest son, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, has gotten the bulk of the share. Vanderbilt has left her pad in a co-op of Midtown Manhattan to her eldest son Leopold “Stan” Stokowski, “the rest” of her property to Cooper, and so far nothing to her estranged middle child Chris Stokowski.

So far, it’s not clear how much or what else Cooper's receiving – but what’s for sure is, that’s not weighing on his mind. He’s said in past interviews not only that he doesn’t expect to inherit any money from his mom, but also that he doesn’t “believe” in inheritance, calling it an “initiative sucker.”

Source: Page Six

Photo Credit: Getty Images