Bonus Segment: Pest Control Company Sprays Wrong Yard, Ruins Garden

Imagine spending years of your life trying to create the perfect outdoor environment for different insects, bugs and even butterflies only to have it ruined one afternoon while you go shopping.

That's what happened to one homeowner who simply went shopping and came back to find year's of work to try and attract different pollinators, as well as butterflies to her yard, was ruined by a local pest control company.

The pest control company sprayed their chemicals on the lawn of the wrong house. They were supposed to service the woman's neighbor but instead sprayed her lawn and left the invoice in her door.

The company owned up to its mistake and hopes to somehow correct what was done but some in the neighborhood don't know how you can reverse the chemicals and the damage to the eco-environment. The owner of the company and the homeowner are scheduled to meet today.

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