Mets Include Two Living Players In Deceased Tribute To 1969 Champs

If you’re not sure why the Mets have so much trouble assessing young talent, it’s because you need to pay attention to detail.

And that is something the Mets’ front office just doesn’t do.

In fact, they are suddenly having trouble assessing even the obvious.

Case in point: while saluting the 1969 Miracle Mets on Saturday, they paid a touching tribute to the departed members of that Mets team.

Thing is, they paid tribute to Jim Gosger and Jesse Hudson, who are both still alive.

Wow. Nothing is more typical of the Mets than thinking that two players from the franchise's most iconic team are dead, failing to double-check that they are indeed dead, and then honoring them in front of a stadium full of fans ahead of a game.

At least we now know that they don't stay up to date with players from the team that brought them their franchise's first World Series title, let alone the new players they hope to bring in another one.

Source: 12up

Photo Credit: Getty Image