Mayor de Blasio Apologizes For Using Che Guevara Quote

Presidential candidate and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is apologizing for using a Che Guevara quote during a campaign stop today in Miami. The Democrat shouted in Spanish a phrase that translates to "Until victory, always" to striking airport workers.

In Spanish, de Blasio said "Hasta la victoria, siempre [[ see-YEM-pray ]]," or "Ever on to victory," a slogan used by Guevara. Apparently, he didn’t realize that Guevara is not a popular choice in Florida where there are a large number of former Cuban families who fled that country. For those who don’t know, they escaped the brutal “revolution” Guevara helped lead.

de Blasio tweeted that he did not know that phrase was associated with Guevara and he did not intend to offend anyone. He's apologized for not understanding the history...and repeated that sentiment in an interview with “The Hill.”

Source: Miami Herald

Photo Credit: Getty Images