Bonus Segment: Family Dog Eats Fake Decorative Rocks And Gets Sick

Dogs are great pets but sometimes they're not the smartest of animals. One family dog from Ohio had to be taken to the vet after his belly got really bloated. What the vet found was astonishing.

The families four-year-old golden retriever, Finnigan, had chowed down a whole lot of decorative rocks from their backyard. In fact, nearly five pounds of those rocks was eaten by Finnigan. It happened during a backyard BBQ after one of the children had dumped butter and other savory juices from tinfoil shrimp packs they cooked on the grill onto the rocks.

The next morning, they found a pile of rocks inside the house near the back door, and there were many more when Finnigan went outside to go potty. Surgery was an option but they decided a high fiber diet and medications to treat nausea was the better way to go.

Good news is that Finnigan is on his way to a full recovery.

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