Trump Accused Of Attacking Writer In The 90s

New York-based advice columnist E. Jean Carroll is claiming that Donald Trump sexually assaulted her in a Manhattan department store back in the 1990s . Carroll says a friendly encounter with Trump at Bergdorf Goodman in 1995 ended violently when he pushed her against a dressing room wall, unzipped his pants and forced himself on her.

For his part, President Trump says he’s never even met Carroll and does not know who she is, but there are pictures of them two of them together. The president says that Carroll is trying to sell a new book and that should indicate her motivation. He says the book should be sold in the fiction section.

“It’s a total false accusation,” he says in a statement. “I don’t know anything about her. She’s made this charge against others, and you know, people have to be careful, because they are playing with very dangerous territory.”

This isn’t the first time now-President Trump has been accused of sexual misconduct. Aside from the infamous “Access Hollywood” video, which he dismissed as so much locker room talk, 15 other women have come forward to accuse Mr. Trump of misconduct in varying degrees. He has maintained his innocence and never been charged in a court of law.

Source: MSNBC