President Trump Delays Promised Immigration Raids

President Trump says the ICE immigration raids scheduled to start yesterday will be delayed for two weeks. Speaking via Twitter, Trump said the move comes "at the request of Democrats" and that was confirmed separately by CNN, who reports that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi personally called the President.

Trump later noted that during that time period Democrats and Republicans will get together to see if they can work out a solution to the illegal immigration issue at the Southern Border. But a delay is not a cancellation – the President says if an agreement can't be met within that time frame, the deportations will start.

As we told you before, the plan was to have ICE agents roundup around two-thousand people with standing deportation orders in ten cities yesterday.

The list of cities in the crosshairs includes New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Baltimore, Denver, New Orleans, and Houston.

Source: White House