Flying Wallendas Cross Times Square On 25-Story High Wire

Daring siblings the Flying Wallendas safely pulled off another unbelievable stunt yesterday. Nik and Lijana Wallenda crossed Times Square on a 25-story high wire – and the whole thing was streamed live on ABC.

As a crowd watched and cheered from the street below, the siblings walked form opposite ends of the 1,300-foot wire suspended between two towers. When they met at the middle, Lijana sat on the wire as her brother stepped over her before they continued to the other side.

Unlike their previous stunts, like crossing the Chicago skyline in 2014, the daredevils were wearing safety harnesses this time, which was required by the city. This was Lijana’s first stunt since breaking almost every bone in her face after suffering a near-fatal accident during a stunt in 2017.