What's On Kevin Spacey's Accuser's Phone

We told you that the cell phone from Kevin Spacey’s accuser is missing. Now we know what’s on it.

According to the paperwork, the accuser and his girlfriend at the time were exchanging text messages on the night that Spacey allegedly met in a bar in Nantucket. Screenshots of the texts were submitted to investigators. Among the many things he told her:

[Spacey’s] hanging around him in the bar. “He got my number and asked me to come out with him,” the accuser said. She replied, “Sounds like he’s hitting on you…”

He said that the Oscar winner grabbed him eight times.

“Kevin Spacey is gay,” he told her.

The way Kevin’s lawyers see it, the texts appear to pick up mid-conversation. And since there aren’t any timestamps on the messages and some that are deleted, they think that the context isn’t clear. As we’ve told you, Kevin has pled not guilty to a felony charge for allegedly sexually assaulting the teenage boy in Massachusetts in 2016.

Source: TMZ