Playboy Model Complains About Her Giant Chest Online

Some times it's not all glitz and glamour for Playboy models. For one 24-year-old model from Australia, having big boobs is a curse. Simone Holtznagel opened up to her 100k followers on Instagram about how "big boobs suck" and how she would do anything to get rid of her E-cup breasts.

She also warned other women who might be considering breast enlargement, saying, "As the owner of E+ (breasts), why anyone would want their natural boobs enlarged to my size, is beyond me."

She listed a bunch of things that she hates about them including how her back always hurts and how you need to sleep in a crop top. She even offered to sell hers for cheap just to get them off her chest. Despite her struggles, she has spoken positively about her figure in the past, explaining she "loves" her body.

Source: Daily Telegraph