Moulin Rouge! Could Be A Broadway Hit



"Sad news that “The Prom,” an original and delightful show, is closing Aug. 11. Had it won the Tony for Best Musical, it might have eked out a year or so. But it was probably doomed from the start: Broadway, because of its insane economics, has become a place where only shows with famous titles, stars, hype and gazillionaire backers can survive.

“The Prom” had none of those. Catch it before it’s gone.

It got out of the way of the next big show stomping to Broadway: “Moulin Rouge! The Musical,” which begins previews June 28. “Moulin Rouge!” has most of the elements that make a hit. Based on the movie of the same name, it got terrific reviews when it opened in Boston last summer, and its backers are gazillionaires. They’re the people behind “Walking With Dinosaurs,” a multibillion-dollar empire. (They also produced “King Kong,” a flop, but they have enough money to keep it running.)"

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Photo Credit: Getty Images