Bonus Segment: Circumcision Season Begins In The Philippines

Yup, you read the title of this article correct.

In the Philippines the removal of foreskins is a centuries-old rite of passage to adulthood in the country, which has one of the highest rates of male circumcision in the world.

“I was shouting the whole time because it hurt so bad,” Vladimir Vincent Arbon said after his 20-minute ordeal. “My mum told me that I need to get circumcised so I would grow taller and become a real man.”

He was among 1,500 boys who got the procedure in one city near Manila.

“To get circumcised is probably the essence of being a man … for boys, circumcision is necessary to be called a man,” Joana Nobleza said after her 11-year-old son Carlos underwent the operation.

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