Bernie Sanders Reacts To Launch Of Trump 2020 Re-Election Campaign

There are more than 20 Democrats running for President in 2020, but only one – Senator Bernie Sanders – opted to respond to the official launch of President Trump's 2020 campaign.

In a livestream video following Trump's rally in Orlando, the Vermont Independent blasted Trump for being a "liar," "racist," "religious bigot," "xenophobe," "homophobe" and "sexist." Sanders said he wants to highlight the issues that Trump didn't talk about in his speech. He said Trump didn't talk about issues like climate change, income inequality, health insurance issues, the gun crisis, crumbling infrastructure and education affordability.

The Democratic presidential candidate stressed that Trump is “totally out of touch with reality” and must be defeated in the 2020 presidential election so the country can become united again.

Sanders is a Democratic presidential contender who has been a top performer in several primary polls, but he's still behind former Vice President Joe Biden.

Source: The Guardian