More Troops Heading To Iran

So much for that “drawdown” of troops President Trump’s touted for months. Pentagon officials have confirmed that the U.S. is sending one-thousand more troops to the Middle East to counter threats posed by Iran. This is in addition to the 15-hundred troops Mr. Trump announced last month.

What gives? Acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan says the soldiers will be deployed for "defensive purposes" against possible threats from Iran. Tensions have been rising between the U.S. and Iran in recent weeks, but Shanahan insists that war isn’t the goal.

"United States does not seek conflict with Iran," he says in a statement, noting the action is being taken to "ensure the safety and welfare of our military personnel working throughout the region to protect our national interests.”

As we’ve been telling you, the U.S. has blamed Iran for attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman last week. Iran has denied responsibility for the attacks. Britain has sided with the US – so have the Saudis. But Japan, who owns one of the tankers, say they need more proof.

Source: BBC News

Photo Credit: Getty Images