Trump Speaks For “30 Hours”

In an unprecedented special, newsman George Stephanopoulos got incredible access – and wasn’t afraid to challenge the President during the "30 Hours" they spoke. And while the President appeared to be very candid – he was also unmoved. That was especially true on questions about the “Mueller Report.”

And he also wasn’t without snark. When Stephanopoulos pressed about the fact that Robert Mueller’s investigation had not cleared Mr. Trump with regard to obstruction, Trump pointedly suggested that Stephanopoulos “read the report” and accused Stephanopoulos of “being a little wise guy.”

Beyond that, Trump said healthcare is the big piece of unfinished business from his first term that he plans to tackle should he win a second. Trump explained that his administration has stabilized Obamacare and made it serviceable, but it's still not great. As for his future? Not only is he not worried about what polls appear to say, he’s not concerned about potential criminal charges.

Meanwhile, President Trump's re-election campaign is firing some of its pollsters after polling information was leaked. The data showed that Trump was lagging behind former Vice President Joe Biden in several key states. The polling information that was leaked showed Biden leading Trump by double-digits in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida and Michigan. Trump beat Clinton in those states in 2016 and they proved decisive in the hotly contested race.

Source: ABC News