Trump Says He'd Listen If Offered "Dirt" On Opponents

If there was ever someone who digs in to a position, it’s President Trump. And in an exclusive interview with ABC News, he says he'd probably listen if foreign governments offered him "dirt" on political opponents.

Trump made the admission during a series of chats with George Stephanopoulos that’s part of an upcoming special – set to air in its entirety next week. When asked if his campaign would accept such information or hand it over to the FBI, Trump said he would maybe do both. The President added, "there isn't anything wrong with listening."

But that’s not all – he also disputed the idea that if the information was provided by a foreign government it would be considered interference in the U.S. election process. As for the FBI’s position that such behavior would be a breach, Trump pushed back on that, too. "The FBI director is wrong, because frankly it doesn't happen like that in life," Trump noted. "Now maybe it will start happening, maybe today you'd think differently."

While the series of interviews is being packaged as an interview to air next week, we'll see some excerpts this morning on "GMA."

Source: ABC News