Ex-Stanford Sailing Coach Spared Prison

The first sentence in the college cheating scandal is resulting in no prison time. Former Stanford sailing coach John Vandemoer was given a largely symbolic sentence of one-day imprisonment. A federal judge in Boston said he's already served that time – but added two years probation and the first six months of that will be served in home confinement.

Think the sentence is too light? Keep in mind that Vandemoer not only admitted his role early on, but didn’t pocket the more than 600-thousand dollars in bribes from the admitted mastermind of the cheating scandal.

Instead, Vandemoer gave the money to the Stanford sailing program. Singer is a government cooperating witness in the case – and some are saying that what’s happening with him bodes very well for Felicity Huffman (who’s cooperating and has admitted her guilt).

Conversely, watchers are also saying that the future for Lori Loughlin and husband Mossimo Giannulli isn’t so bright…considering they’re buckling down and reportedly fighting the charges against them. They’re allegedly going after USC as well.

Source: CNN