Cuba Gooding Jr. Might Not Surrender In Groping Case

Will he or won’t he? That’s the question we’re all asking about whether or not Cuba Gooding Jr. will turn himself in today. As we’ve told you, he’s been accused of groping a woman at a bar in New York City. He was supposed to turn himself in, but that might not happen now.

The plan was for the Oscar winner to surrender at Manhattan Special Victims Unit with his lawyers, Peter Toumbekis and Mark J. Heller, in tow. At that time, he’ll be fingerprinted and have his mug shot taken.

However, Heller viewed the surveillance video from the night in question and has decided that there was “absolutely no criminality taking place” as far as Cuba is concerned. He questions whether the Manhattan DA’s Office Sex Crimes Unit has actually seen the footage because he can’t believe that they’d want to arrest his client. Because of that, he’s not sure that Cuba will turn himself in. We’ll keep you posted…

Source: TMZ

Photo Credit: Getty Images