Biden: Trump Is Existential Threat To USA

Former VP Joe Biden is calling President Trump an “existential threat” to the United States. Campaigning in Iowa, Biden said Trump is “whittling away America's core values” and standing in the world. In earlier remarks, President Trump called Biden a "loser" and a "dummy."

Arguing that Trump is all about "fear and loathing," Biden insisted that Iowa farmers have been crushed by Trump's tariffs on China. He said American workers are "pawns in his game." Biden said Trump has made bad choices repeatedly since taking office, including on climate change.

And while Biden is the frontrunner among Democratic presidential hopefuls, he made a massive campaign promise yesterday – one that certainly falls into the “don’t make what you can’t keep” category. What was it? That if he’s elected, he’ll “cure cancer.”

Source: The Des Moines Register