California Governor Blocks Manson Family Member's Parole

California Governor Gavin Newsom is denying parole for convicted Manson family murderer Leslie Van Houten. The state's parole board recommended parole for Van Houten, but thy were overruled by Newsom.

While he respected the 69-year-old for her efforts at rehabilitation, he expressed concern. "While I commend Ms. Van Houten for her efforts at rehabilitation and acknowledge her youth at the time of the crimes, I am concerned about her role in these killings and her potential for future violence," he wrote. "Ms. Van Houten was an eager participant in the killing of the LaBiancas and played a significant role."

Van Houten was a 19-year-old follower of Charles Manson when she took part in the murder of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca in Los Angeles.

This is the third time a parole board has recommended her release. Former Governor Jerry Brown blocked her previous two chances of parole.

Source: KABC-7