Trump Denies Calling Meghan Markle “Nasty”

President Trump is pushing back on claims he called the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle "nasty" during an interview with “The Sun.” On Twitter yesterday, the President said he never called Markle “nasty,” adding it was "made up by the Fake News Media and they got caught cold!"

Trump then wondered if "CNN and the New York Times and others will apologize. Doubt it!" The problem? It’s all captured on audio. The timing couldn’t be worse as President Trump is set to touch down in London today for a three-day visit.

Trump, along with First Lady Melania Trump, will visit Queen Elizabeth, and Trump will visit Prime Minister Theresa May for an official meeting on Downing Street. There are no plans with Trump to greet Ms. Markle – aka the Duchess of Sussex – as she’s still on maternity leave.

Something else we know? Unlike his predecessors, Mr. Trump will not be staying at Buckingham Palace. It’s been reported that it’s less a snub and more about renovations.

Source: White House

Photo Credit: Getty Images