Motive For Virginia Beach Mass Shooting Remains Unclear

A motive for Friday’s deadly mass shooting in Virginia Beach, Virginia remains unclear. Police Chief Jim Cervera says the suspect, DeWayne Craddock, was not terminated from his job as a city engineer and was not in the process of being terminated. Officials confirm that 12 people were killed Friday at a municipal office, while four remain hospitalized

That follows what City Manager Dave Hansen has said – that it's believed Craddock was in good standing as an employee with the city. Hansen says Craddock sent an email giving a two weeks notice of resignation the morning of the shooting. What else no one’s sure of? If any of the victims were targeted.

Meanwhile…memorials can be seen throughout Virginia Beach in honor of the victims – and those who lost loved ones in the incident. A memorial of flowers and American flags are growing at the site of the shooting, while white crosses with hearts are being placed throughout the area in honor of the victims.

Cervera says it took officers two minutes to arrive on scene from the time the first shots were fired and about 36 minutes to apprehend Craddock, who later died. One officer was injured during a shootout and is expected to be okay.

Source: CNN

Photo Credit: Getty Images