White House Asked USS John McCain Be Kept Out Of Sight During Trump Visit

The “Wall Street Journal” is reporting the White House took extraordinary steps to keep the USS John McCain hidden during President Trump's recent visit to Japan. According to the newspaper, they have a copy of an email ordering Navy and Air Force officials to keep the ship named after the late Arizona senator out of sight.

Why? Trump has often criticized the long-time Republican senator and war veteran. In this case, the “Journal” alleges:

Sailors hung a tarp over the ship's name – and followed a directive to remove any coverings from the ship that bore its name.

It’s been reported that a barge was moved closer to the ship to obscure the name after the tarp was taken down.

Sailors on the ship who usually wear caps bearing its name were given the day off during Trump's visit.

Mr. Trump is pushing back on the report. Speaking out via Twitter overnight, Trump said he was not told about anything having to do with the destroyer during his visit. Who’s not buying it? John McCain's daughter, Meghan. She has also responded to the report online, and is taking direct aim at Trump. McCain calls the President “a child, who will always be threatened” by her dad's incredible life. She said stories like this make her grief “unbearable.”

Source: Wall Street Journal