Scott Pelley: CBS Had A "Hostile Work Environment"

CBS Anchor Scott Pelley admits it’s been a “difficult time over the last several years.”

Former anchor Charlie Rose and former CEO Les Moonves were both forced out over allegations of sexual misconduct.

Pelley told WOR’s “Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning”, that the CBS management team was “blind to these things.”

“I was very concerned when I was managing editor of the Evening News that the staff wasn’t being treated well. It wasn’t being treated with dignity,” Pelley said.

Pelley said he went to senior managers to tell them that staffers had to be treated better.

“We had sort of a hostile work environment there for a number of years. It never made any sense to me. But we are now in such a better place,” Pelley said.

Pelley is the author of the new memoir “Truth Worth Telling: A Reporter’s Search For Meaning In The Stories Of Our Times.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images